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The Double Mind

James 1:8 – “…they are double-minded and unstable in all they do.”

The Bible speaks of people who are dual-minded a few times.  When folk hear these verses, they almost always think about serving God and serving Satan; rightly so.  One moment you’re going right, and then the next, left.  Ordinarily, this subject is skewed by a question about someone’s spiritual leanings, but never about the practical applications of having a double mind.  Really, the person who is double-minded is indecisive.  Indecision leads to stagnation, and stagnation to death, metaphorically, spiritually, and sometimes physically.

People are presented with options for just about everything.  Food, cars, furniture; choices abound all around us.  We can get overwhelmed by the array or choices at our disposal.  So overwhelmed in fact they we won’t make any choice at all.  At this point is where stagnation comes in.  We have to stay away from handicapping ourselves by indecision.  If we are to progress in our lives, we must be decisive and purposeful in our thinking and commitments.  We must first put our hearts into what we want to pursue.  More importantly, we have to make up our minds to do one thing extremely well before we can decide on the next step.

That next step has to make sure that there is no room for instability also.  Instability leads to nothing getting done.  Think about people we know that have a plethora of ideas to pursue.  Are they working on any of them, or just talking about getting started?  Is any progress being made?  If not, it’s probably because these folks can’t decide what to work on first.  Plans (dreams) stagnate, not getting the oxygen and nurturing needed to flourish.  The folks need to choose the dream that will improve their situation first, then feed it.  Feeding this dream strengthens it, and allows it to grow roots.  Roots will be the foundation once that thing is planted in fertile soil (the stable mind).  Roots also help keep dreams from being toppled by outside forces (naysayers and unbelief), because as the roots get deeper, they provide stability.  And after all, stability is what we all need anyway.

The question is though, focusing on what, will provide YOU stability?

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