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Cruisin’ From Secular to Christian Hip-Hop

I started listening to rap music during the G-Funk era of the mid 90’s.  The beats, rhymes, and production reverberated with me, capturing much of my attention.  Outside of Jodeci (THE most thugnificent singers of all time), all my musical appetite could be satiated by was rap.  This continued from my teens years through my early 20’s, when R&B began circulating in my stereo.  A couple of situations that transpired during those years made me give up on rap for a while, and I decided that living for God was it!

Well, this lasted about two years and soon, rap and I were getting reacquainted.  More specifically, I started walking the thin line between loving God (in my heart), yet hating God (in my actions).  I prayed, ready my Word, attended church, witnessed to folks; you name it and I was trying to do it.  Something was still off though.  I was just as liable to pray for somebody as I was to curse them.  Now, in full disclosure, I STILL have a problem with cussing, but God is working on me.  Anyway, the relevance exists because as my listening to secular rap increased again, so did the foul language.  When the frequency went down, so did the foul language and other not so holy activities.

It took a while for the correlation to show itself, but when it did, I got smart.  So, yeah, I gave up rap one more time.  Well who would have guessed, but I allowed it back in my life. Again.  It was during this last time that I tried a couple of different things.  First, I spoke to God about it and asked for His help in finding more spiritual music to listen to.  Secondly, I started looking for that music.  It’s said that Jesus meets you where you’re at.  Well, it was proven to me yet again.

God knows I like hip-hop music.  There are artists out here using hip-hop music to spread the Gospel.  I found quite a few listening to mixtapes.  These artists not only love God, but use their skills to enlighten the masses with the real truth.  So, I’ve been directed to artists such as GS




and Lecrae

Yes, there are other “christian rappers”, but these were the ones I was directed to.  So, these are most of the artists I been listening to.  It’s been a semi-smooth transition.  Some of music I’m listening to now reminds me of familiar beats, and I may even find myself humming an old tune, but I’m really trying not to go back down that old road.  At some point, there is no need to keep crucifying Christ for the same actions.  To continuously listen to secular hip-hop would be repeatedly crucifying Chirst.

This musical journey has become a metaphor for much of my life.  I’ve learned not to judge folks based on my preconceptions the same way I had to stop judging Christian hip-hop.  I used to assume it was super churchy.  Making the switch has reenforced the notion that what you feed your soul, that is what you will become.  Something else that was revealed to me: ungodly things attempt to be a facsimile of Godly things.  The messages that destroy in worldly music in general, and hip-hop specifically, are to be replaced by ones that bring fulfillment, upliftment, truth, hope and love.  This lesson is the same and central to other forms of God-centered media, and that is this: the light and love of Christ will permeate and change lives, if you will only give Christ a chance.

The choice is yours.

Have you ever made the switch from secular to Christian hip-hop?  Has your life changed because of it?

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Are You Caught In The Real Thirst Trap?


thirsty: to be over eager for something; desperate.

Nowadays, it’s become a popular phrase to say someone is “thirsty”, and saying it has gotten a negative connotation.  More often than not, its reserved for the interactions between men and women.  What used to be considered admiration and genuine interest has now been assigned the characteristics of one being “pressed” to show attention to another.  Of course nobody wants to be called pressed, but if the attraction for another is there, then one’s actions could lead to them being called thirsty.  When actions lead to this point, it’s also said that a person has fallen into a thirst trap.  Luckily, falling into the thirst trap is viewed as bad only in the Eros relationships.

Really, nobody wants to admit it, but there is an ever-present thirst in all our lives.  It’s more of a longing really, to be fulfilled by something, or someone, and most of us can’t adequately explain what it is.

This something, this someone, is Jesus Christ. Over the course of time, I’ve seen and heard many metaphors used to describe Jesus. Many times, he referred to Himself as these metaphors, particularly “The Living Water”, and He also said living waters would flow from Him.  The only way for this real thirst to get quenched is by drinking from the fountain of living water.  Since Jesus is the embodiment of His Father’s words and He is the fountain of living water; then by reading the Word aka the Bible, we quench our thirst.

There really is only one key difference between tangible water and the spiritual water that is Jesus.  Physical water will leave you full and if you drink too much, it can kill you. “Drinking” of Jesus, truly partaking of Him, will fill you up, but the more you drink, the more you will want, and He will add life to you.

It doesn’t work out like this most times though.  We’ll come to Jesus, get our fill, then be on our way until we need Him again.  What if though, we never stopped drinking from the fountain?  Would we still encounter Valleys and deserts?  Most assuredly.  However, our oasis would be right there with us.  He’d sustain us in during our dry times the same way as when our seasons are flourishing.

Instead, we leave and come back, leave and come back, creating an unstable pattern with all the extra movements, stunting our progress and increasing our thirst.  Progress gets stunted because, as a law of physics dictates, “objects in motion stay in motion as object at rest stay at rest”.  If we are starting and stopping, we aren’t being consistent and getting through the dry times takes more energy.  But, if we could only expend less energy with getting started yet again, the more we would have it make it through the journey.  It’s all interdependent.

Lets do our best not to fall into traps that will increase our thirst, either naturally, or spiritually.  On the contrary, we need to do whatever is necessary to make sure we stay drinking the life-giving water that is Jesus.

So, who’s thirsty?

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The Redux

When I started this blog, the driving force behind it was to be a place to share Godly thoughts and insights, from the viewpoint of a regular guy.  Almost from the inception however, that mission got sidetracked by my personal need to get some stuff off my chest.  It’s funny how man’s desire to put himself first can cause God to hold fast until we get back in order isn’t it?  Anyway, after a few posts about fatherhood, and the gift and course of blogging (from a novice’s perspective), I drew a blank the last couple of months about what to write about, hence this being the first post in  some time.  Recently, someone suggested that I start blogging again, and share some of the same insights that I share among a group of men I know.  Since the desire was still there, I figured to get back to it.

This is that new (old) foray into the blogosphrere.

For me to get serious about this, I had to decide on a new name for the blog as well.  The Suburban Thug didn’t necessarily have the most godly of connotations, nor was it screaming godly writing.  I chose Glip Post because it’s simply an acronym for Godly Living Is Practical.  Easy right?  It should have been, but it took a few weeks of serious brainstorming to come up with that. 

The retained purpose for the now Glip Post is not to beat people over the head with Jesus, but to show the transitions He makes in the lives of those who choose to follow Him.  For some, these changes are quite monumental; for others the changes are incremental.  The key is that these changes affect all aspects of our lives, how we live, think, and act.  As it says in 1 Corinthians 3: 6,7; “I planted the seeds in your hearts, and Apollos watered it, but it was God who made it grow. It’s not important who does the planting, or who does the watering. What’s important is that God makes the seed grow”. In the same thinking, I want to avail myself to Christ, and be used to plant seeds in people’s  lives.  Living this life is a struggle: nobody ever said following Christ was easy.  I stumble EVERY, SINGLE, DAY.  Sometimes on the same things.  However, I also know that Jesus started his ministry at 30 years of age; I see no reason he can’t use me to minister to others starting at 32.

It’s going to be an interesting journey, and I hope to be as transparent as possible on this journey, but I hope it is one that will be helpful, but more importantly impactful to others.  So, for the second time, let me welcome you all to the musings at the former Suburban Thug, now Glip Post.

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