Are You Caught In The Real Thirst Trap?

26 Jun


thirsty: to be over eager for something; desperate.

Nowadays, it’s become a popular phrase to say someone is “thirsty”, and saying it has gotten a negative connotation.  More often than not, its reserved for the interactions between men and women.  What used to be considered admiration and genuine interest has now been assigned the characteristics of one being “pressed” to show attention to another.  Of course nobody wants to be called pressed, but if the attraction for another is there, then one’s actions could lead to them being called thirsty.  When actions lead to this point, it’s also said that a person has fallen into a thirst trap.  Luckily, falling into the thirst trap is viewed as bad only in the Eros relationships.

Really, nobody wants to admit it, but there is an ever-present thirst in all our lives.  It’s more of a longing really, to be fulfilled by something, or someone, and most of us can’t adequately explain what it is.

This something, this someone, is Jesus Christ. Over the course of time, I’ve seen and heard many metaphors used to describe Jesus. Many times, he referred to Himself as these metaphors, particularly “The Living Water”, and He also said living waters would flow from Him.  The only way for this real thirst to get quenched is by drinking from the fountain of living water.  Since Jesus is the embodiment of His Father’s words and He is the fountain of living water; then by reading the Word aka the Bible, we quench our thirst.

There really is only one key difference between tangible water and the spiritual water that is Jesus.  Physical water will leave you full and if you drink too much, it can kill you. “Drinking” of Jesus, truly partaking of Him, will fill you up, but the more you drink, the more you will want, and He will add life to you.

It doesn’t work out like this most times though.  We’ll come to Jesus, get our fill, then be on our way until we need Him again.  What if though, we never stopped drinking from the fountain?  Would we still encounter Valleys and deserts?  Most assuredly.  However, our oasis would be right there with us.  He’d sustain us in during our dry times the same way as when our seasons are flourishing.

Instead, we leave and come back, leave and come back, creating an unstable pattern with all the extra movements, stunting our progress and increasing our thirst.  Progress gets stunted because, as a law of physics dictates, “objects in motion stay in motion as object at rest stay at rest”.  If we are starting and stopping, we aren’t being consistent and getting through the dry times takes more energy.  But, if we could only expend less energy with getting started yet again, the more we would have it make it through the journey.  It’s all interdependent.

Lets do our best not to fall into traps that will increase our thirst, either naturally, or spiritually.  On the contrary, we need to do whatever is necessary to make sure we stay drinking the life-giving water that is Jesus.

So, who’s thirsty?

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