#30in30 Day 9: To Jill…

14 Sep

Are words really even needed?

Dear Jill,

Or do you prefer Ms. Scott? Really, it’s your call. Let me get some things out the way first. I am not a stalker, or some crazy brotha. Secondly, I love my wife a great deal. That being said, I feel the need to share a few things.

The reason I’m writing you is to simply say, thank you. Since 2001, you’ve enthralled me more than any other singer. See, I’ve always had a “thang” for shapely women. When that “thang” really ramped up, well it was in ’01. The young lady I was dealing with at the time was partially inspired by you. She was a poet, singer, and cook, as I imagine you are. What really got me about her though, was that she reminded me of you. From how I assumed your demeanor to be, to looks, she channeled you. I really don’t even think she realized it either.

Over the last 11+ years, my admiration for you has only matured into a respect for your craft…and your classic looks. Yes, I do happens to think you have a classic look about you. As I’ve found out, it’s not just the thick lady lovers who appreciate your, uh, womanly figure as well. From the barely legal brothas, to the vets in the game, every one of them appreciate you. Even my father took a liking to you, which shouldn’t shock me since we appreciate the same types of women. The above picture that began circulating the internet this week captured your essence, I think. It’s classy, yet sensuous. It kinda encapsulates the love affair that most of your male fans have with you.

In closing, I again say thank you for, in a way, being the soundtrack for the last almost 12 years of my life. I’ve appreciated your music, your poetry, and your loveliness for that long. I look forward to continuing to do so.


Darrk Gable

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