#30in30 Day 11: So…I Finallly Joined My Church

17 Sep

*admittedly, not all these 30in30 posts have been Christ-centric.  This one is.*

So like the title says, I finally did it.  I joined my church.  It sounds weird, considering how long I’ve been calling my church, well, my church. I’ve been attending there for almost 10 years, and been a semi-faithful tither/giver and a part of a couple of small groups. When it came time to join though, I was being lazy. Either I just missed that particular day, or I was working; neither really being a good excuse. That all changed within the last month.

A little bit of the background story might help explain why it changed.

At my church (it’s natural to claim it, especially since I’m almost official) there are fellowship groups called small groups or life groups. I was chosen to be an apprentice to the leader of my particular group, and I took this assignment pretty seriously. Well I was led to think on leading a small group during this upcoming open enrollment season. There was a meeting set up for prospective future leaders, and I attended of course. Well, one of the requirements for group leader was that the person had to be a member of the church. A light clicked, and it made total sense. How could a person support the mission of the church, and be in a facilitating position, but not be a member? I figured I had to get it done, and soon.

There were other reasons that I needed to join, that my wife so graciously explained to me. As she paraphrased it to me, being a believer and not being “attached” to a church was akin to being a bird without a tree to nest in. In other words: exposed to the environment, with no shelter or covering to protect me. That struck a cord with me and only intensified the need to join. Yes, I know the scripture verse where Jesus says “when two or three are gathered in My Name, there will I be as well.” I also believe that there is strength in numbers. Being amongst (mostly) like-minded people can help strengthen somebody’s walk with Christ. It has helped mine tremendously.

Yet another thought that got the proverbial fire lit under me was the thought that, “the pastor has a pastor, but do I?” It would be kind of backwards to not have one, considering that the man ordained by God to lead the church I attend does. If I’ve chosen to join myself to this particular part of the body of Christ, I have to agree with most of how that part is orchestrated. If I don’t, then what’s the point of joining this church, or any for that matter? To just say I’m a member? Nope. The point is ultimately Kingdom advancement, period. By joining this particular church, I’m saying I believe in this church’s vision, and am willing to do what’s necessary to move that vision along.

But back to the present. Yesterday, I took the memebership class, and formally applied for membership to my church. I already have an idea of which volunteer group or groups I want to join, to serve at church as well. I also have to get out of the inconsistent giving lane, and really give to God what He has blessed me with. This decision has been a long time in the making, but I’m glad I finally made it.

Have you recently joined, or are you a long time member of a church? What made you want to join the church you did? Do you know anybody who is thinking about joining a church, and if so, have you invited them to church with you?

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