#30in30 Day 14.1: Feet

20 Sep

This shall be short and sweet.  It may even sound like a mini rant, and if it does, that’s cool.  I got to get this off my chest though.

People, y’all have GOT to do better with your feet.  I mean, really.  Some of the feet I’ve seen lately are just…rough.  Not sandpaper rough either.  I’m taking stalactite, crags on the face of Mt. McKinley rough.  It’s just no reason for it.  And it’s not like folks can’t feel or see the slumming nature of their dawgs.

I was at work today, going about my merry way, enjoying my day when I caught sight of something that shook me to my core.  This older woman had the nerve to have on slingbacks, and her feet were straight kilt.  How could she knowingly walk around like that?  I know she had to rub her foot at some point during the day and come back with a cut on her hand or finger.  It is no way that she  couldn’t.  But whats worse, is she wasn’t the only one. 

There were at least two other offenders whose feet ranged from “ashy to stepped on a landmine” busted.  Ordinarily, I’d consider it my civic duty to inform them of their very podiatric offense, but I couldn’t.  For one, my stomach wouldn’t let me close to such rude feet.  I mean, if they couldn’t take care of them dawgs, ain’t no telling about their breath, or general body odor.  Yes, it was that serious.  The other reason I couldn’t be a Good Samaritan os because: ladies generally don’t take kindly to that kind of knowledge.  They might feel it’s embarrassing, and I don’t want to incur that wrath.  I’ve been there before and it’s not pretty.

All this is to say, people, men and women, take care of them feets of yours.  You never know who may catch a glimpse of your feet.  What you don’t want is somebody who is not as magnanimous as me putting you on blast.  So again, I implore you, take care of your feet, or at least cover them up.  That’s all I, and the caring public ask.

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