#30in30 Day 15: Truly Understanding Y.O.L.O.

20 Sep

YOLO-ing is misunderstood by many people.  Living like “you only live once” will, and has, driven people to an early grave. As I am a believer in Jesus, and His status as God-The Son, my take on the whole idea of YOLO is eternal.

In the early 1900s, there was a man named Aleister Crowley who was once considered to be the “most wicked man on earth”. He was a pansexual, declared high priest of Thelema, and general ne’er do well kind of person. So yes, he was pretty wicked. He was a contributing writer, some say the author, of the definitive book about Satanism, The Book Of The Law. The overriding thought was “do what thou will.” This is a precursor to “you only live once.” Other statements used nowadays are “I’m doing me and you do you”. They all have the same basis; doing whatever maked us feel good.

While in theory, it all sounds benign, in reality subscribing to this thinking leads to death. YOLOing is in actuality setting one’s self up as a god, in the place of God. One of the commandments stipulates we are to have NO gods other than God. Doing so is a form of idolatry. If people are, in effect, putting themselves in God’s place, then they’re worshopping themselves. Well, another commandment dictates that we’re not to worship idols either. The YOLOing lifestyle is full of chasing things that dont benefit us spiritually. If were chasing anything other than God, doesn’t that, in a way equate to idol worship as well?

The crux of YOLOing is a spiritual truth that’s been twisted. We are eternal beings, so we actually live forever. We don’t just die, and that’s the end of the story. All the fun and games that living life and enjoying it that we do, we’ll have to answer for when we die. The only saving grace will be whether or not we acknowledged our belief in Christ in our hearts, as well as publicly. So yes, we only live once, but that death thing, that has the chance to be a two for one. If people knew anything about a physical death, followed by a spiritual death, they’d understand that the spiritual death is eternal. It is not a rest in peace kind of death either.

If people want to YOLO their lives away, it’s a shame. Perhaps they don’t know, or understand the ramifications of how living in such a manner affects them. True followers of Christ need to explain it in ways that aren’t judgmental, but impactful. The same followers also need to explain the true context of the YOLO mentality. If these two explanations are conveyed in a succinct and practical way, maybe then, YOLO will find it’s way out of the generation of today.

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