#30in30 Day 18: What Dat Mouf Do…

22 Sep

I see the title snatched your attention; good. No it’s not that kind of discussion. It’s really about the words we use when speaking.

I’ll be the first to admit that my mouth isn’t always the cleanest. In fact, I have to be very conscious about what I say much of the time. I’ve been one of those people who has been cussing so long, its not meant to be malicious; doing so is just part of my everyday speak. Here’s the kicker though, I also profess to follow Jesus. People watch how those who claim to be Christians, believers, etc., act. Not only are actions watched, but what is spoken out of mouths is listened too as well, sometimes more intensely than actions. If what I’m doing, and saying, doesn’t line up with how Jesus acted, and what the Bible says, then how effective am I being?

This isn’t me judging, or telling anybody what they need to be doing. I have neither Heaven nor Hell to put anyone in. What I do hope is that by me being transparent, it will cause others to think about if there words are beneficial. Not just to God’s Kingdom, but to the folks who they’re around also.

Think about it.

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