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24 Sep

I’ve been on this blogging mission for 20 out of a possible 24 days.  I have yet to upload a new post between midnite and 1am either because of family time, or sleep.  If I could just get to that point, I’ll feel like I hit another milestone.  I’d like to say that my writing has improved over the time I’ve been doing it, but that remains to be.  In a previous random thoughts post, I mentioned that I think writing is my purpose here on earth.  This feeling has only strengthened. 

I’ve happened upon an opportunity to write on a semi-consistent basis for a widely read blog.  I’m pursuing a few other opprtunities as well.  This whole process has made me reexamine the whole “God opens doors” thinking.  I’m starting to think that the doors are in front of people, but we don’t recognize them because they’re not what we expect.  Instead, we are looking for the doors WE want, and not what God has prepped for us.  Our vision may need to change.  When the vision changes, so do where we look for opportunities.

For lack of a better term, I plan on going “balls to the wall”, with this chance at a life change.  If it means writing for just the experience until a chance to get paid arrives, so be it.  I’d initially rather have my name known and not be getting paid for it, but when the chance comes to get paid, there’ll already be an audience for me.  I guess you can tell there’s plenty of longterm thinking going on.  When and where a writing career initiates, I plan on being ready.

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One response to “#30in30 Day whatever # : More Random Musings

  1. carolyn

    09/24/2012 at 11:11 pm

    excellent continue the process your number one cheerleader


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