Originality Lies

01 Oct

Nothing in life is original anymore.

It’s true that things, situations, and issues may be improved, but original thoughts? Nah, not even. Take for example, the bane of many powerful men throughout history; women. Abraham acquiesced to the whims of a woman (his wife Sarah), and his life was never the same. A few years ago, the former governor of NY State, Eliot Spitzer, lost his family and career because of his dealings with a woman. Arguably the most popular president since JFK, Bill Clinton almost was impeached because of his dealings.

Were the women to blame? Some would say it’s debatable. Were the men to blame? Most would say yes. I don’t have an answer for either question. What I do know is the underlying fact in all these situations was temptation.

Temptation has been around since the beginning of time as well. Just read the story of Adam and Eve for proof. Same theme, same principles throughout history. Yet, nothing new.

Another example is communication. In supposedly prehistoric times, pictures were used to convey ideas. Items were assigned values, thus becoming symbols. Some languages existed. But, the ability to communicate with other cultures didn’t exist aside from the symbols and pics. Overtime, certain items became standardized and universally understood. What was it all for? Communicating messages.

Now think about today’s time. We have telephones, smartphones, email, Twitter, etc. At their core, what do all these items let us do? You guessed it; communicate. Is it new? No. Do the newer methods allow us to do it more efficiently? Yes.

These are but two examples of time tested principles being package in fresh ways. Others still abound. Others like religion.

Man has spent all of time trying to fill a hole in their soul with religion. We’ve had a longing to be part of “something” bigger. Depending on the culture or nation, it’s been God, Yahweh, Bhudda, or Allah. There are other gods, but these are generally the main ones people name.

For me, God is it. He is what was missing in my life. He hasn’t changed since before time, nor will He. The relation to the other concepts is that He has always been. Oh, and He isn’t a concept, or a principle. His permanence is reflected in our faith and obedience in Him. Yet, He doesn’t need us to acknowledge Him to prove He exists.

Some reading this may not see the correlation between an eternal God and enduring principles. But they exist nonetheless. Understanding that all things either come from, or are permissible, by God’s will shows something. If the knowledge of He, who is the Source of all, can’t be reinvented, then timeless principles can’t either. It can be repackaged in different ways, but what’s inside the package will remain the same.

Learning this will prove once and for all, there really is nothing new under the sun.

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