…On Faith

05 Nov

Lately, I’ve been having issues holding onto my faith.  Coming from a man who believes in God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, this may sound like borderline heresy.  Breathe easy because it’s not.  Even Jesus had issues with His faith while in the Garden of Gethsemane.  I’m one of those pragmatic types, but I still believe, and know, that God can do whatever He so wills and desires in my life.   Despite everything that is transpiring, I hold fast to His promises.

Jesus told His disciples that those who maintain even faith as small as a mustard seed can move moutains just by their words.  It seems simple until we look at the mustard plant.  It grows as tall as a small tree.  Birds can roost on it.  So if my faith starts out that small, then ideally is should grow.  Well, what about if my faith is smaller than the seed?

Certain things I question God about; again this is something that Jesus did.  It’s not questions of His promises, but moreso about when I’ll see them manifest in my life.  It’s hard to maintain when life is hitting you in the face, constantly.  Then I read a passage in the Bible that gets me thinking, and answers at least a few of my questions.  Yet, it causes others.

Acts 14:8-15 is such a passage.

In the first few verses of this passage, we get the story of Paul healing the crippled dude.  He was listening intensely to what Paul was preaching, and Paul saw this.  Verses 9 & 10 are sssooo Kobe (that’s clutch, for you Laker haters).

The crippled guy’s faith was evident to Paul as he watched the man.  So evident that Paul called the man out and told him “STAND UP!!”  Now it all sounds simple, but it speaks volumes.  It makes me ask myself questions.

Does my faith show on the outside as much as I say I have it?

Do I truly believe, in my heart, that God can do anything, or do I just know it in my mind?

Has my faith been put to the test?

Do I have faith in God so much that a word from Him will cause me to move?

These questions may not occur to everyone else, but they do to  me.  Then I get reminded that no matter what is going on in my life, God controls it all.  It sounds like a cliche, and I feel kinda dumb saying it, but it’s the truth.  So, my original thinking resurfaces:  I hold on to the promises that Jesus gave.  They’ll come I tell myself, I just gotta be steadfast.  I can still hope and pray they come soon though.

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