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13 Nov

Earlier today, I spent some time responding to and asking questions of a person who had a problem with “holy parrots”. Oh, holy parrots (hp) are the folks who go to church, hear something from the pastor, then start espousing this same “church speak” to others in their life. While this inherently isn’t a problem, issues arise when the HP isn’t confronting the same issues in their life.

The Son of God spoke about this in Matthew 7. The irony is, we all are hypocrites in some form or fashion. We all struggle with an issue another may not. The problem arises when people want to point out what “so and so” has done. “Nah bruh, mind your own issues before you even think about dealing with mine!” But I digress. Tangent over.

My second original thought while reading the discussion was, “it’s no need to get upset at that.” Perhaps something the pastor said resonated with that person. But then the original discussion shifted to the “see, that’s why I don’t go to church now and God can talk to me soliloquy. I kindly removed myself, though I realized later that was the wrong move.

People want to say they see God all around them. That’s cool. Still others say they don’t have to go to the physical structure of church to meet God. Eh, well, not so much.

Throughout the Bible, God’s people met at a central location. In the Old Testament the place of meeting was the Temple. Later in the New Testament, the meeting places were houses, and the precursors of the churches we have today. It’s not just traditional; it’s ordained by God. Furthermore, Jesus Himself even said “when two or three are gathered in My name, there shall I also be.” Where is the most likely place for two or three to be together? In a church.

Then there are the folks who say I don’t need a minister to hear God. They are right…to a point. They also miss a bigger part of the picture. The point they are right about is that God can speak to whomever He so pleases; He is God. He will use any means that He so chooses, including a pastor!

If the pastor is truly hearing from God, and seeking His truth, then God will deliver messages through him. Pastors are put in place by God to be spiritual authorities in houses of worship. More importantly however, is that they serve as God’s mouthpieces. The Lord could very well have given a pastor “a word” for someone, but if they’re not receptive to it, then it’ll be missed. It could’ve been a confirmation, a warning, or encouragement. It got missed because of them not looking past the one who delivered the message.

Don’t be like the people who don’t hear the Lord because they focus on the wrong things. Listen to what He has to say. Rest assured that what they’re trying to hear may have to come through the person they feel they don’t need, in the place they don’t want to come.

Through the pastor, in church.

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