Just. Shut. Up.

04 Dec

Normally, I can tune out what I consider nonsense.  If somebody’s opinions on something sound foolish, or if they’re unwarranted, I’ll ignore it until the frequency changes.

But then, there are those other times.

Lately, it’s getting more difficult to consistently ignore the opinions because people have something to say about EVERYTHING!  It really grinds my gears when folks stick their nose in other people’s business.  If that isn’t bad enough, saying what so-n-so should do is even worse.  It’s not anybody else’s place to say what another grown person needs to do.  If the so-n-so doesn’t have any issues with what’s going on, then why do you (in a general sense)?

It gets worse when the opinionated one has people parroting and consigning their unsolicited views.  The former becomes empowered to shoot off at the mouth more, when really they should just. Shut. Up.  Admittedly, I sound like a curmudgeon, but so what.  Twitter says “just tweet through it”, well I’m blogging through it.

I have no idea when it’s gonna let up, but God, do I hope it’s soon.  I’m learning about myself during this time. Long-suffering, restraint, and patience come to mind.  The platitude, “God only puts on you what you can handle” comes to mind.  However, the following question is “well God, uh, when is it gonna be enough?”  That’s where I’m really at now.

Then I have to wonder, is it me that is supposed to get a lesson out of this?  Perhaps what I’m dealing with is supposed to bring out these aforementioned traits in me, but something else in another.  At this point, it’s the only logical conclusion I can come up with because I am just about at my level of having no more ****s to give.  No doubt I’ll be repenting for feeling like this later, and I’ll deal with that then.  A dude needs an outlet.  But for now, this is mine.

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