When God Talks, You Better Listen

27 Dec

I’ve had times when the Holy Spirit warns me when a major intersection in my life is approaching, and quickly. When I was younger, I never knew what it was, so I didn’t adhere to the inklings. As I got older however, the inklings became clearer. Honestly, I think them doing so is a byproduct of more Bible reading, but that’s for another day.

What I present to you are two examples of when God spoke, and I should’ve listened. And one example of when He spoke…and I did.

The Suspension

When I was in the first iteration of my sophomore year of college, I took up the habit of smoking. I started out smoking Black ‘N’ Milds; then transitioned to cigarettes and weed. One night, a group of people I smoked with decided to have a party. Drinks and weed were in heavy supply. I smoked and drank so much that I got sick, but instead of leaving the party, I vomited and continued partying. About an hour later, haters campus police crashed the party, took everyone’s info and sent us to our respective dorms. A few weeks later, all but two people who attended the party got suspended for the remainder of the semester. But, everybody lost their scholarship.

Only after analyzing my actions did I realize that me getting sick was God’s way of telling me to leave. I was so high and drunk that I couldn’t understand it then. Not knowing His voice in that instant has cost me time and money. Of course, it would take a couple more times for me hear Him though.


When I was 24, I had initiated a point of celibacy in my life. I had recently broken up with a young lady with whom, until that point, had been my longest relationship. I have no problem admitting she had me sprung. When we ended, I took it as a sign that I needed to change my life around. I started living for God; wanting to be obedient to His precepts. I figured that I was being successful at it. That is, until I met…her.

Sidenote: it’s vitally important to never feel like we can handle an issue, or situation without God. As SOON as we start thinking like we can, we’re going to fail. Mankind is 0 – infinity when attempting to circumvent God.

The summation of meeting this particular woman was that I “fell off” the celibacy wagon. It wasn’t her fault though. She invited me over to “watch a movie”…and that was that. Before I went over though, something said, “Darrk, this really isn’t a good idea.” But I said, “self/conscience/Holy Spirit, I got this.” Obviously I didn’t. Had I listened to that little voice, who knows what may have happened.

Ok God, I Yield

So this last tale is the one where I yielded, and things worked out for the best.

I was without a car for about six months earlier this year. But I knew what I wanted to get when I got another one. I had my heart set on a box Tahoe, between a ’97-’01. No matter how much looking I did, I just couldn’t find the right one. I was getting frustrated. I even took a 3 hour trip to look at an ’02, but it still wasn’t meant to be. Eventually, I said “ok God, you got it. If none of these trucks are working out, then it’s a reason for it. I’m going to let you take the wheel, and I’ll see what happens.”

I felt like in that moment God said, “watch me work.” Well, a few days later I was flipping through a car buyers book and saw another Tahoe. I emailed the dealer about the truck that night, and I got a response about 15 minutes later telling me to come look at the truck. The next day, I went to go look at the truck…but the truck wasn’t there.

So now I’m feeling like somebody wasted my time telling me to come see a truck that had been sold. Well, another salesman showed me a car. I didn’t want a car, I wanted a truck. That little voice said…”check out the car, for me.” I relented and checked out the car. Eventually, I pulled off the lot that night with the car, and some knowledge. If I could keep my payments on the car straight for a year, I could come back and check out a Tahoe.

Sidenote: it’s going to sound trite, but when we want something, God will at times tell us not right now. He’s not saying we won’t get what we desire, but we may not be ready for it, despite what we think. By holding our wants up, He is refining us, and preparing us for when we’ll be ready for it.

The take away from these instances is that God speaks to us, repeatedly. Even if we don’t understand, or acknowledge His voice, He keeps reaching out to us. It would behoove us to figure out how to incline our ears to hear Him.

The question begs to be asked: has God spoken to you? If so, were you listening intently? Did you follow the Spirit’s prompting, or rely on your own thoughts?

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