I AM My Brother’s Keeper

28 Dec

Every decision we make, every action we take (we’ll be missing you) affects those around us.  But, for some reason, we still don’t want to acknowledge this.  A couple of posts ago, I discussed why being part of a community, in particular a church, was important for people. This go ’round, we’re going to dig into how we’re connected.

The Body of Christ aka The Church, is made up of many people. There are billions of thoughts, feelings and interpretations in it. Some parts of the body are sick, some are healthy, but added together, they all equate to a wonderful whole. This holds true for the various denominations as well. So long as the baselines of belief, confession, and baptism are present, the differences are moreso based in passed down traditions. With all of this, the one fact that doesn’t change is…we’re all one body.

When one of us in the body does well, it benefits the whole. When one of us sins, it affects the individual, but also the whole assembly. David and Achan represent the two opposite spectrums.

Before he became king, David carried himself in a manner befitting a king. Not disregarding God’s mandate that he would be Israel’s king, but there was a reverence for the Lord that was unmatched in anyone else. God said as much when He stated that David was a man after His own heart. God knew of David’s affection for Him. Because of this, David would guide the Israelites toward following the Lord’s precepts and commandments. He was the one that set the tone for the masses in terms of obedience, worship, and working God. When he became king he prospered, but the nation did too. Israel’s territory increased, the nation’s coffers got richer, and so did the people.

Then there is the other end of the spectrum, with Achan.

After the Israelites had conquered another group of people per Joshua’s direction, they were instructed not to take any plunder. Everybody listened, but Achan. When the time arose for them to go into battle again, the Israelites were routed. Joshua couldn’t figure out why, but then God revealed to him what happened. Through the process of eliminating tribes, clans, families and then men, it was revealed that Achan was the one who had taken the loot. The assembly of the people were all held responsible because of one person.

Now some might feel that this is unfair. To that I ask, is it unfair that God chose His only Son to die, so that we could be reconciled to Him? It’s the same thought process; one had to die so all could be saved.

We should strive to be like David, in that we seek after God always. When He esteems us, we’ll be an example of what He wants from us; to be a diligent seeker of Him. We’ll not only strengthen our relationship with Him, but the relationships that bind all those in the Body together.



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2 responses to “I AM My Brother’s Keeper

  1. blogofmanly (@theblogofmanly)

    01/15/2013 at 3:46 pm

    Nice work, man. Great challenge!

    • Darrk Gable

      01/17/2013 at 1:13 pm

      We gotta challenge men to weed the punks from the warriors.


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