Lessons From The Past

10 Jan

“Your trials and triumphs aren’t for you, but for God’s edification.”  It never ceases to amaze me how God will use instances in our lives to speak to others.  It was revealed, yet again to me as I had a conversation with a blog editor about writing for his site. 

During our informal interview, he asked me a few questions about what I write about, what I’d write about for his site, and my writing background.  This led to questions about life in general.  I relayed how I grew up, and how it’s shaped my current worldview.  Once done, he pretty much paraphrased the same statement that this article lead with.  It’s simple, but it’s loaded.

Often times people want to forget their pasts, but it makes them who they are.  When we go through rough patches in life, especially in our formative years, they leave scars that often take years to heal.  Nothing will ever take the memories and experiences away.  However, God has a way of restoring the years that were lost to the pain.  He provides opportunities for others to learn from our past as well.

The Bible is the prime example of this. Though it’s ancient, the lessons and illustrations in it are just as relevant today. The people who experienced the trials and triumphs didn’t know we’d look at their situations for clarity. The one constant in this is God’s presence. He’s either in the forefront, or behind the scenes, but his hand is on our lives.

Understand that the saying “those who don’t learn from [or understand] the past are doomed to repeat it” is true. Not dwelling on it, but taking the lessons from it is key. It’s the only way to not repeat the mistakes; it’s also the way in which we grow.

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