…On Being Glad Obama Made It Through

22 Jan

I normally try to keep my specific personal musings out of these posts.  But this one I had to share.  As I was keeping up with the happenings of Inauguration Day and MLK Day, one thought kept creeping up in my head. 

“I hope he makes it through the day.” 

I don’t know why I was thinking it, but I was.  Something about seeing President Obama walking amongst people, in an open space was unsettling to me.  Four years after his first inaugural stroll down Pennsylvania Avenue, I was more apprehensive this time than last.  The climate of the country definitely aided in the feelings.  There are just too many wackos out who’d love to take him out.

The feeling made me do something I never found myself doing much, and that was praying for his and his family’s safety.  I know the Bible says to pray for your authorities, but I was kinda meh about it.  I mean if i remembered to do so, cool.  But it wasn’t something that I actively set out to do.  That is, until today.

This led to deeper thoughts and I realized, I must pray for the man.  For his wisdom. For his guidance. For his decision making prowess.  For his soul. 

As I was reading something earlier, I learned I wasn’t alone in my feelings about President Obama’s safety.  One person succinctly stated, “the simple fact I am even worried about him being shot let’s me know ‘post-racial’ is bull.”  That sentiment sums up all the emotions concerning this topic perfectly.  However, I’ll still pray for my president.  Perhaps it’s the prayers of those who pray that keep him safe.


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3 responses to “…On Being Glad Obama Made It Through

  1. The Motley Sage

    01/22/2013 at 11:44 am

    I was out there on Penn Ave as that Cadillac “juggernaut” rode, carrying him and whoever else was in there with him. It was the first time I’d ever been that close to the man, seeing him with my own eye, and less than 30 feet away. I was disappointed for having stood outside for 8 hours, hoping he and the Obamas would walk the Avenue like they did in 2009. But they didn’t. Instead, it was a rather commanding motorcade of armored Suburbans, media-clad pickup trucks, debonaire Secret Service personnel on-foot, and what appeared to be 3 or 4 Cadillac Devilles on steriods…potent steriods. It was as intimidating as it was impressive, letting you know that THIS was indeed the most powerful man in the free world. So while I was disappointed to not see the President in full, unsheltered glory, I understood. Despite all the security measures that the city took–which included bringing law enforcement from as far as Louisville, Kentucky to stand guard–they took little chance with this man and his family.

  2. P. Braithwaite

    01/22/2013 at 9:28 pm

    Everything you just said…and then some. I had the same thoughts. I like your realization/solution: I’m going to prayer for the Obamas as well.

    • Darrk Gable

      01/23/2013 at 9:55 pm

      I’m sure they’ll appreciate it. And thanks for the read.


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