Moses, The Israelites, and Having An Egypt Experience

04 Feb

The last few days, and weeks have been a serious test of my faith.  My ability to maintain my belief that God is in control has wavered as well.  I hate when people say “I’m human”, but this once, I gotta use it.  I’m human, and I think my limits are just about reached.

In reading Exodus 2-5, I think I’m beginning to understand how Moses, and the Israelites felt during these chapters. When God first told Moses he was going to be used to deliver I AM’s message, he balked. He had excuse after excuse about why he couldn’t do it. God got tired of it, and gave him tools to get the job done, but Moses *was going* to do it. There was no way he could NOT complete his assignment.

I’m learning how this applies to not just mine, but all of our lives.

When God gives us an assignment, He’ll see to it that we complete it. Even when we don’t have the backbone to do so.

The first time Moses and Aaron went to deliver God’s words to Pharaoh about letting the Israelites go, Pharaoh wasn’t having it. He increased the load on the Israelites, while taking away some of their resources. Instead of seeking God, the nation of Israel turned vitriolic toward Moses and Aaron. When their burdens increased, their faith lessened.

In times of increased outward pressure, our inner strength must increase. Pressure busts pipes or creates diamonds.

It can’t be lost that God was using Pharaoh; ultimately for His glory. But, Pharaoh was the instrument that God used to refine the Israelites. We all have our own “pharaohs” that God is using to show His power in our lives. We can’t allow the power of the pharaoh (that God let it/him/her have) to weaken our resolve. If we cave into it’s power, we’re not relying on God, and we’re being faithless.

As the rest of the chronicles go Pharaoh finally set the Israelites free, as God told Moses He would. Not only was the power of Pharaoh broken, but the Israelites came out of it supremely blessed. Again, the power of Pharaoh was broken, and the nation of Israel came out of bondage greatly blessed. Yes the Pharaoh came after them one last time. However, God saved them from Him and set them free forever.

It’s hard to focus on the points of this when everything feels like it’s against you. Nevertheless, remember:

1. When faced with problems, remember that God sometimes allows them for His purposes.

2. It’s extremely difficult in times of trouble, but try not to look at the problems faced, but the God who can fix them.

3. WHEN you do come out on the otherside of the present bondage (and you will), you’ll be stronger from what you’ve faced.

Stay blessed.


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2 responses to “Moses, The Israelites, and Having An Egypt Experience

  1. cornerpolitics

    02/07/2013 at 10:37 am

    I like this post, we all go through trials, tribulations and period of self doubt in our lives, the key is to not let our current situation distract us from knowing that it is just a test that the lord has given us to help us improve.

    • Darrk Gable

      02/18/2013 at 10:18 am

      So true. It’s hard not to get overwhelmed, but holding onto the promises of God is the only way to make it.


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