Opportunities, Guest Posting, and Appreciation

25 Feb

I’ve been really blessed to have opportunities to write for different blogs; not just here.  I can’t stress how appreciative I am for the chances afforded me. As a relatively unknown blogger/writer, nothing feels better than kudos from more accomplished writers.

My topics may not always be popular, but they do (hopefully) connect with people, and they are varied.  No matter the subject, my views (mostly) have been from a biblical perspective. There are times when the posts haven’t been though.

In any event, the following links are to the articles and sites I’ve written for.

Feminista Jones: Reflections Of A Married Man

Single Black Male

Black Love Forum

As long as the editors and administrators of these sites allow me to write for them, I will. Also, as the opportunities to do more writing expand, I’ll let y’all know.

For now, when you have the time check out the sites. Not just my work, but all the knowledge that the sites have.


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