A Man’s Home Is Where His Peace Is

28 Mar

A few weeks ago I read a blog by Rae about the sometimes unpredictable nature of love.  One statement she made stood out to me more than all the others. That line was:

“…home is often a person, not a place.”

Can you say mind *BLOWN*!

I had to let it marinate for a few days before I could really tackle writing about it. It’s a simple statement, but not much in life is truer.  And yet, I feel like the ultimate feeling of “home” is when the right person, and right place, are present.

It’s especially tough for men who don’t necessarily feel like they are home, or have a home.  The restlessness that we tend to feel is not always a yearning to run wild and free, as some people would like to think.  What it really is, is that our soul isn’t at rest where we have been relegated to calling home, or have decided to call home.  The comfort and security that we need isn’t there.  Granted, it’s (usually) in a man’s power to decide where to plant himself.  However, once he’s planted, it will take him a while to truly know if he is in fact, home.

And if he’s not, it will show. He may do just enough in his relationship to keep it solvent, but no more. His emotional, mental, and physical availability will be minute. All because he’s not in a “good spot”.

There’s no feeling of peace within him. Home is supposed to be a refuge; a place of rest. He can’t get that because either the person he shares his life with doesn’t provide it, or the place is not hospitable. The worst part about it is that if he hasn’t done any self-analysis, he won’t be able to pinpoint the cause of his unrest. And if he can’t get to the source of it, peace will forever be elusive for him.

Oh, but when he does.

When he does, people will know just how dangerous such a man is. Not in a “people need to find safety” way, but in a “he’s determined” way. He won’t let anything or anyone interfere with the rest he’s found. He’ll look for ways to increase it, protect it, and cherish it. By extension, the person and place that provide it will get the same treatment.

And the man? He’ll be grateful for the peace that’s in his life.


Fellas, is “home” peaceful for you? If not, why? If so, how’d you get it?

Ladies, is this applicable to you? If not, why?

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One response to “A Man’s Home Is Where His Peace Is

  1. cbc

    03/28/2013 at 12:09 am

    Wow. I understand and appreciate your viewpoint. Having a place of refuge, coupled with a peaceful right person makes anything bearable. I pray that all men find true peace. As usual, great post.


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