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…On Curveballs and New Life Directions

Life is a maze.

While it’s true a plans are made, there are detours to our plans all the time.  If we’re not able to handle the detours, our plans aren’t worth a damb.  This was proven again to me over the last two weeks.

To make a short story long, I recently applied for a job that was in a different kind of field than I presently work in.  The position would require me to spend a few hours a week with a foster child.  I’d be part of a team that includes a social worker and a therapist, assigned to the child.  I’d also spend more time with the kid than either the social worker, or therapist.  To say that I’m (in my opinion) unqualified for the position is about as on point I could get.  Even applying for the job, I was thinking to myself, “why am I doing this?”  But, I went ahead and sent my résumé anyway.

While sitting at home the week after applying for the job, (and here’s the curve ball) the director of the program calls me and she asks me would I be interested in coming in for an interview.  Since I was off the next day as well, I accepted the interview.  When I arrived for my interview, I had to wait on her to get back to the office because she forgot she scheduled me.  I kinda took that as I sign that maybe I should leave, but after speaking with the receptionist, I decided to wait.  Now we all know how interviews tend to go.  The interviewer asks a serious of perfunctory questions, then gets to the particulars of the position that’s been applied for.  Questions about money, usually asked by the interviewee, bring an end of the session.  Except this interview went NOTHING like that.

When the director started talking, she gave me the details of what the job was going to entail, then *she* brought up the pay,  I should’ve known something was…off…with it when she said, “this is the deal breaker for most people”.  The funny thing?  The lack of (appreciable) money wasn’t a big factor in my decision to pursue the job.  Sure, I wish it paid more, but after hearing what the job entailed, and the impact I could have on some kids, I was in.

This is new territory for me.  I’ve been so focused on getting a job in my present field, while applying for jobs in different fields, that I was only minimally concerned with my God-given purpose.  The desire need for money is the main driver for why I never looked at ways to truly fulfill the purpose.  I think I speak for many men, when I say that we get the “purpose/provision equation” mixed up.

Instead of seeking our purpose, and trusting God to provide for our needs (and wants), we seek means that will provide for us to actively pursue our purpose.  Somewhere along the way, the means of provision becomes our focus, and fulfilling our purpose is something that we do “when we have time.” However, we never have time because we’re steadily chasing provision.  See the cycle?

Anyway, I’m not sure what working this gig will do.  I do know that for reasons only He knows, God orchestrated it.  I suspect that I’ll find out as much about myself as I do about the children I’ll be working with.  Perhaps I’ll get an answer to the question that plagues many people, but so few seem to ever get answered.  And that question is…

“What am I here for?”

Have you found yourself questioning what your purpose is?  Do you think your purpose is different that what your current career path is?  Have you taken any steps to find out?  


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