A Letter Of Appreciation For Plus Sizes, BBWs, and Big Girls

04 May

Dear plus sized ladies,

I have a serious appreciation for womanly feeling and looking women.  I’m talking about women with “some meat on ’em”.

From the Amazonian, warrior-princess types, to the short, compact ones, I love all y’all. Where this admiration and appreciation came from I don’t know. I’d say it’s genetic, but that’s sorta silly. I do know that I’ve followed in my father’s footsteps, with regards to the type of woman I find attractive. This isn’t to say that slimmer women aren’t attractive, because they damn sure are. But my preference is for a big girl.

They’re known by a variety of different names; some affectionate, and some derogatory. I’ve heard them referred to as: thick, fluffy, chunky tenders, plus size, Lane Bryant and Ashley Stewart hunnies, etc. When it comes down to it, I simply refer to them as “thick” or “big girls”.  The descriptions are subjective. What isn’t is *why* I find y’all particularly appealing.

Big butts, big boobs, and big thighs have always been my weakness. I subscribe to the theory that too much of a good thing…is a good thing. If there is an ample amount of “thickness” to hold, touch, talk to, and look at; I’m good. This isn’t to say that there aren’t limits to my appreciation, but a woman falling in the range of a size 12-18 (upwardly amenable, depending on proportions) is ideal.

Many of the you in the category do, in fact know, that you are gorgeous. But this wasn’t always the case. In the past, and sometimes even now, society would look at big girls as undesirable, unattractive, and even slovenly. At the same time, society discounted the fact that some men (like me) actually preferred these women. When seen as a couple, there’d disapproving looks received by the two. Though they’d never admit, some men would leave a relationship if the societal pressures and disapproving glances became too much. It’s a similar, but minute, example of the feelings two people of different races would receive if they were engaged in a relationship.

But time, and society’s (admittedly slowly) growing appreciation for the entire spectrum of the feminine form has begun to change the way big girls are viewed. Women such as my wife in an alternate universe Jill Scott and Amber Riley, are upheld as paragons of beauty, and *gasp* sex symbols.  And they are not just lusted after (I think), but are appreciated as much for their inner character, as they are for their outward beauty.  The shift is pretty remarkable; and I’ll do all I can to ensure the shift keeps on shifting.

I will continue being a man that appreciates women of all sizes, colors, etc.  But, I will always be a man that sings the praises of the big girls.  Don’t belee me? Just watch.


Darrk Gable

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One response to “A Letter Of Appreciation For Plus Sizes, BBWs, and Big Girls

  1. cbc

    05/20/2013 at 10:04 pm

    Do you see the women first, or her size.


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