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What’s In A Name?

It’s been a little over a month since I’ve written anything for *this* blog.

My soul has been restless about what to do with The Glip.  I haven’t thought about deleting it, but I know I’ve neglected it.  The neglect stems from a need to have the proper name.

I have already changed the name once, twice if you count the slight adjustment from The Glip Post to simply, The Glip.  Neither of these have “sat” well with me, so another change was going to happen.  The main thing for me was to keep writing.  Even now I have a few drafts in queue, but nothing finished.  Why?  The need to have the right name couldn’t be ignored anymore.

I couldn’t decide on a name for a few months, though one did keep circulating in and out of my mind.  The more I thought about it, the more it seemed to make the most sense.  While I tend to look at life through (mostly) a Godly prism, I still understand and see people, places, and situations through human eyes.  One could say that I’m on the slow track to having a reformed mind, but at least I know which direction I’m headed.

This being the case, I’m almost certain this will be the last post written on the blog under its current name.  The next time I post, the name will be changed to protect the innocent.  Since the title is changing, I’ll be taking a bit of time to do some “housecleaning” of the blog as well.  All to make it better than before.

I thank you all who have taken time out to read these posts; it’s not taken for granted.  When the blog returns, *raised glass* “here’s to  you returning as well.”



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