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Ties That Bind: Chapter III

Neither Colby nor Mavis would’ve thought it was going to be three months before they got together again.  Mavis’ job had her working ungodly hours, and when she wasn’t at work she was resting, or doing things for her parents.  She called Colby a few times a week, but he’d almost always have to call her back.  He wasn’t brushing her off, but he didn’t have the time to give her the attention he felt she deserved, and he told her as much.  Colby knew his position had become precarious at work.  The longer he was at his current job, the more he hated it.  He wasn’t in the right frame of mind to be around Mavis, but thinking about her sure did set his mind at ease.

He finally called her on a Thursday and asked could they meet for brunch on Saturday, to which she eagerly accepted.  Now she just had to figure out how to tell her mother their plans were changing.

Mavis called her mother to rearrange the plans; instead of their usual brunch, they’d go to a late lunch and go shopping later.  But as with most mothers, Mrs. Wilson knew something was up, and it wasn’t just Mavis’ job.

“Girl, the third Saturday of the month has been our day for years. Now you want to cut it off?”, Ms. Wilson asked.

“No Mama. Something just came up, so I need to push our time back just a couple of hours. You and Daddy can go to breakfast and do something fun until I get free. Y’all need some quality time together anyway.”

“Mavis, tell that BS to somebody who’s not your mother. Besides, you know your father will want to invite you; you’re his princess now and forever.” This made Mavis smile, and her mother chuckle. Ms. Wilson continued, “but anyhoo, you still haven’t told me why our plans have changed. Something changed and don’t give me that nonsense about “something came up”. What came up?”

Mavis began, “Colby asked me to go to brunch this Saturday, and I told him yes. We haven’t seen each other for a while, and I think it’d be good for us to see each other. In some ways, I kinda miss him”. Mrs Wilson let a sly, knowing, smile creep across her face.

” What?”, Mavis asked.

“Chile, that man got youuu” Mrs. Wilson laughed.

“No he don’t Mama. I will admit that I enjoy his company, but Colby doesn’t ‘have me’ as you said.  As a matter of fact, I don’t even think Colby really views me like that, at least not anymore”, though she didn’t believe what she was saying.  “More to the point, I don’t even think I am the kind of woman he is interested in anymore.  We had our time, but that was then Mama.”

“Mavis, that’s bullshit and you, I, Stevie Wonder and Helen Keller can see it. In his own way, that man has let it be known he sees you, if not exactly like that, then something close to it. Whether he tells you now or later is up to him. I’m going to ask you one question, and answer honestly. I’m pretty sure I know what you’re going to say though.”

“Ok Mama”, Mavis answered, resigned to the inquisition that was coming.

“The only question I have for you is ‘how do you feel about that boy?”

“Hmmmm…he’s a good friend, even when we were kinda distant. He always tells me, even now, that if I ever need anything, to let him know. He’s matured, which I thinks stems from him having kids, and the drama that came with their mothe…”

“You do know all that drama wasn’t just his choice of women, right? He had a hand in whatever drama went on…don’t lose sight of that.”

“Yes Mama, I know, but like I said. He’s matured more than even I thought he would. It’s like, he’s the same Colby as 11 years ago, but more determined about taking charge of his life. He at least seems more of man now than past years. I guess life will do that to someone; make them more decisive about their life I mean.”

“Girl, I know what you meant. Okay, I have one more question then. Is there more to y’all going to brunch than just ‘catching up’?”

“For me, honestly, a smidge, but nothing so serious that if he canceled my world would crumble. Do I want to see him? Yes. Does he want to see me? I am pretty sure he does. But again, we’re just two friends going to brunch.”

Sabine knew she wasn’t being completely honest with her mother, and she also knew her mother could tell. But, even after she told Colby all she laid on him at their first “reunion” dinner, she wasn’t going to put all her eggs in the “Colby” basket. However, she didn’t see the need in informing her mother of that whole conversation yet, even if it had been months ago. For now, Mavis figured it’d be best to play her cards close. If there was ever more to tell her mother, she’d tell her then, but it wasn’t the time.

” Girl, I am your mother. I know its more to it than what you’re saying, but I’ll digress. Just remember one thing. That man has been around your life for years, but never in your life at the right times. I hope for your sake, and his safety, that will change”.

Sabine heard what her mother said…and didn’t say, loud and clear.

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