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Book Review #2: Wretched, Poor, Blind & Naked by No Malice (pka Malice)

In the last book review, I already pointed out that I read a varying assortment of books.  This particular book is more along the lines of the type of books I focus most on now.

Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind & Naked was written by the rapper Gene Thornton, probably better known as No Malice. In it, he chronicles the journey that God took him on until he came to the realization that he needs Jesus in his life. This isn’t one of those, “I’m cool with God” admissions. It’s an open and honest portrayal of how God will bring a person to his lowest point, if needed, to get that person’s attention. The trials that No Malice encountered also prove that God will use whatever is necessary to get one’s attention. Something that stuck out to me while reading this account was how self aware Thornton was about his life. He knew that spiritual warfare was taking place, and that his eternal soul was at stake. It’s one thing to see war in life and be passive about it. Its quite another to be engaged in that war, especially when the war is personal. No Malice chose the eternally winning side, and his spirit will prosper for it.

Another aspect of the book that caught my attention was the way in which he came to his seemingly final decision. Some who decide to live for Christ find themselves “pulled out of the muck” of life once, only to return again. This happened to Thornton, as he so vividly illustrated. Luckily, God had a purpose for him to fulfill still, so he got a second chance at life, so to speak. Not many can say the same thing, because once Christ cleanses us, if we fall victim to the same issues as before, many times it’s harder for us to break free. This is a perfect illustration of the love, grace, and mercy of God; to give another chance. It’s also an illustration of where the Bible says, “a house has been cleansed of an evil spirit, and the spirit wanders aimlessly, yet returns to the same house, and with reinforcements.” Nobody wants to deal with that.

Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind, and Naked is without a doubt, one of the easier read, and riveting books about spiritual life. No Malice could have kept his story to himself and those within his close circle. But he didn’t. He instead chose to strip away the layers of b.s., and be transparent about his journey to Christ, recognizing God in his life.

Given the opportunity, this book will make a difference in the life of everyone who reads it. It already has for me.

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Day 3: Reviewing “I Want You to Shut The F€#k Up!”

*This will be the first of a couple of book reviews during this month.*

I’m a semi avid reader. In a month I’ll probably read two or three books. My pattern is always the same; one or two “easy” reads, and a “hard” read. The object is to keep the selections diverse, so as to have a well rounded opinion on a variety of issues. Usually, I try to read spiritually based books. This was one of the times I didn’t, as the title suggests. Once I got past the title though, what I found was not only a practical book, but an engaging one as well.

I Want You To Shut The F#&k Up (IWYTSTFU) is DL Hughley’s take on what’s going on with America. It’s not an opus to how great the country is, nor is it a pull up the bootstraps, we can be good again how to guide. What it IS, is an honest assessment of where the Nation is, and how we got here. Since Hughley is, by trade a comedian, comedy is mixed in throughout the points that he makes. More importantly however, is the sensible (read common sense), and practical way he relays how his experiences speak to the broader issues that are tackled. Now do I agree with everything he said and his takes on them? Not necessarily. Nevertheless, his points made sense and most resonated with me.

Hughley stated a couple of times in the book that he isn’t a particularly spiritual person. I respect that. Even the most practical of believers can see the merits in his arguments though. Many of them are based on the precepts that Jesus Himself espoused and taught. Perhaps Hughley is more spiritual than he realizes? Either way, it is quite evident that the man is onto something and is headed in the right direction when it comes to sharing knowledge.

Finally, I do highly recommend IWYTSTFU. The book provides its share of laughs. But, also provides an understanding of where we are, and how as a nation we got to this point. The title suggests there’s some profanity, and while not gratuitous, it is in the book. However, if able to get past that, the book is well worth the read.

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