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What the h3!! is a Suburban Thug?

thug: a brutal ruffian or assassin

suburban: pertaining to the outlying area around a city or town

Anybody growing up on the outskirts of a city has the potential to be, a suburban thug. But why? Quite simply, it’s what we are manufacturing in our society. Nowadays, we have these young guns who want to be considered real, trill, and the gangsta ideal: anything that can perpetuate toughness. The thing is though, a lot of these pseudo tough guys, well, they not tough.

Case and point, how can someone go to private school, charter, even public school, be part of the middle class (upper middle class is now just middle, thanks economy!) and yet claim to be a thug?! THEY CAN’T! These suburban thugs are putting on an aura of “F the world, when really, it’s a lifestyle most of them no nothing about, or only know peripherally. The images and music we  feed to these young guns help perpetuate the myth of the suburban thug. Today though, a new definition of the suburban thug is going into effect.

The new suburban thug is a guy who still lives on the outskirts of the city, and yes, he even is still brutal. But the brutality is of the honest kind, his assassins skills are only to assassinate stereotypes and puffed up ideas of “toughguyness”. In other words, the NEW suburban thug is just a regular guy, with a regular life, trying to do extraordinary things. He has opinions on wide-ranging subjects, but tries to look at everything from a biblically practical standpoint.

Being a suburban thug ain’t for everyone, but if you think the description fits you,  welcome to the musings of THE Suburban Thug…


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