Ties That Bind: Chapter IV

21 Apr

Colby thought about calling his younger sister Samyra after his brunch with Mavis a few days ago, but decided against it. Samyra was his “wise sage” when it came to women, well, woman; this one. Rye, as her loved ones affectionately called her, had met Mavis only a couple of times, but instantly knew she was what Colby needed in his life. She didn’t hesitate to tell him that whenever she asked about Mavis, which was often. Over the years, Samyra would matter-of-factly ask how “her girl” was doing. C would feign not knowing who she meant, but Rye would quickly let it be known. Because of that, Colby figured it best not to tell her about the brunch and day together right now. Instead, he did what he always did; rewind the whole day in his mind.

C called Bean when he was about 15 minutes away from her place. She was already dressed and ready to go, which was out of the ordinary. Even more unusual was that Colby was on time. The day was starting off as an anomaly, and they’d been nowhere yet. Brunch was relaxed, filled with laughs and the staple of all professional black folk brunches, endless mimosas. After they ate, Colby mentioned taking a stroll around the Tidal Basin, which Mavis acquiesced too. It was shaping up like Mrs. Wilson wouldn’t see her daughter til later, much later, in the evening, if at all.

From the Tidal Basin, they went to East Potomac Park to watch the planes at nearby National Airport, then to Hovermale’s for ice cream. By the time Bean made it back home, it was almost midnight. Because it was late, Colby walked her to her door, embraced her in such a way that spoke more than mere words ever could, brushed her face softly, and walked off. Mavis sighed that sigh women do…yeah…*that* one, and prepared for bed.

On his way home, C stopped for a pack of wine-flavored Black ‘N’ Milds and a six pack of Modelo. He made it home just in time to catch the Lakers’ highlights on Sportscenter. He lit the Black, popped the top on a bottle of Modelo, and chilled out the rest of the night, until he finally dragged himself to bed about 330am.

As Colby thought, he became more introspective, something he found himself being more and more lately. Thinking about anything to do with Mavis would spark it. Nonetheless, he took inventory of his life, and the multitude of decisions he’d made, and why he made them, and this included the women he’d dated since he and Mavis went to dinner all those years ago. None of them could ever hold a flame to Mavis, and Colby knew it.

He knew the questions, especially since he had asked them repeatedly lately. What Colby didn’t have was the answers, well not all of them. The easiest answer he’d come up with to all the questions he’d posed to himself was “it was all Bean’s fault”. But Colby knew that way of thinking was bullshit, and not true at all, well, 98 percent not true. Yes, if they’d have dated after “the dinner” when they were younger, there’s a chance Colby might’ve not matured as he had. He was honest enough with himself to admit that. Then too, his kids could’ve been their kids, and Colby might’ve had what he swears he’s been looking for since they first dated; a true soulmate.

Until roughly the last year, Colby never believed in soulmates, but damn if his soul didn’t tell him that thinking was foolish. From the day last fall when Mavis had called him and invited him to dinner until now, she’d been speaking to not just his soul, but his spirit as well. He took note of that very interestingly because the only other being who could reach his spirit was Jesus. If she could talk to his spirit, then for sure himself, God had to have his hand in the mix. Colby for sure wondered what God was doing in his life, but he wasn’t going to question too much. He’d done enough of that in the past, and still never got an answer. Nope, this time he was gonna go with the flow, albeit, with a slowly forming definitive purpose.

As the day continued on, Colby went on thinking about what Mavis meant to him. She was seemingly the antithesis of what he *thought* he wanted in a woman. Immediately, a voice spoke to him so softly he almost missed what was said. “Exactly” is what he thought he heard. Colby shook it off as him just trippin’, and got his mind back on Mavis. “She really is different from CJ’s mom and Collette’s mom, hell, from all my exes”. “Exactly”, he heard ever so softly again.

The second time he heard it, Colby knew he wasn’t tripping. He was sure God was speaking to him. Why now, C wasn’t sure, but he was glad to finally be hearing something, anything, from The Father. C was doubly glad because he figured if God was speaking to him about this woman, then hopefully other parts of his life couldn’t be too far behind. That brought something else back to his remembrance; he’d been meaning to become more prayerful. With this, whatever it was, that was going on between he and Mavis, Colby knew he’d have to do just that.

What he couldn’t bring himself to do was tell Mavis any of all this. The last time Colby told her how he was feeling, his true feelings, she basically told him ‘thanks, but no thanks.”. He was apprehensive about sharing with her these new/old feelings that crept up. If he told her and she wasn’t receptive, despite what she’d told him at their first reconnecting dinner last year, he feared he’d have to cut himself off from her. If she felt anything like he did, he didn’t know what he would do. Despite his apprehension, something would have to be said soon, and the chips would fall where they may.

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