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Vampires, Werewolves, and Missing Daddies

I’ve seen every Underworld since the series started.  The storyline of vampires and werewolves waging a centuries old battle captivates me.  The plots move swiftly and connect to the action like symbiotic twins.  Any questions posed during the first two movies were answered in the prequel, Rise of The LycansThe latest one to be released, Underworld: Awakening, was not as crisp as the others but still enjoyable.  As I replayed the movie in my mind, I was struck by an understated point; in the movie there was an absentee father.

The more I thought about the movie franchise, I noticed more of the same theme running through previous iterations.  Selene’s father was killed when she was a girl.  Somebody tried to step in and take his place, but it wasn’t the same.  Alexander Corvinus, the original immortal, was not around for his sons, and they grew up to run amok.  Now…let those two points marinate for a sec, or 60.  The fact that Corvinus watched his sons from the periphery, but never engaged them only makes his absence harder to understand.  Being a half @$$ father wouldn’t have been any better.  In fact, half @$$ing it would only  have made the situation worse, and could make his absenteeism generational.

In Underworld: Evolution (the first sequel), Selene the vampire and Michael Corvin (the hybrid wolf vampire) consummate their “union”.  Fast forward to Awakening, and during the middle of the movie we find out Selene had given birth to a child; a girl.  Now, the unbelief that an “undead” could even produce a child must be suspended.  Amidst all the CGI animation, stylized violence and Kate Beckinsaleness of Kate Beckinsale is a girl without her father.  The one parent who can best protect her, and show her how to harness the gifts she’s been imbued with, isn’t around to do it.  Without giving too much more away, the circumstances would not allow Michael to do so.  Sound familiar though, does it not?

In this particular case, Mike was separated from his woman, and had no knowledge of his child.  Who is to say if things would have turned out differently had he been there.  Then too, the movie wouldn’t have been nearly as good.

Have you noticed the absentee father angle in the Underworld movies?


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Your Opinion Matters…And Doesn’t

* this is somewhat admittedly hypocritical*

It was on my mind to start a blog for about a year.  I finally made the move to do so this past October.  Before doing so however, I took time to read up on blogging styles, content, and the best sites to use as a blogging template.  I also wondered, “whats am I going to write about, and what OS the point of a blog”?  I try to read a variety ones, but for the most part  I mean, most of the ones I’ve read seem to have the same underlying premise.  What is that?

Glad you asked.

Expressing opinions, viewpoints and sharing experiences seems is the answer.  And this is for both the Blogger and their audience.  Subject matters vary, but the need to espouse thoughts and allow others to do the same is what all Bloggers do.  Some of the subject is light-hearted, some personal, and some down right serious.  Something that also struck me though; we all (including myself) want these opinions to matter.  The funny thing is; they often don’t.  This isn’t to say none ever do, but the chances of our thoughts and opinions changing thinking, well, I’ll take the under on that bet.  Yes, some folks will agree and some will disagree, but at the end of the day, will what someone read on a blog matter?  We all strive to make a difference.  Yet, if they difference doesn’t impact someone’s life for the better (even to just give a laugh) is it really worth it?

I may be getting too serious here, but there are so many blogs that cater to different audiences.  It may not be millions of people, but a blogger’s place in the blogosphere is a spot that can and will affect a life, somewhere.  This space can create a place where frank discussion, and the sharing of ideas can take place.  In other words, blogs are a powerful medium.

I say this to say, you never know who is reading what you, or your commenters write.  For some, it’s just a different point of view.  For others, the words can change someone’s outlook on a situation.  The question is, what is your end game?

Agree?  Disagree?  Is it too serious?  Talk to me.


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